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why do you wear that stupid man suit?

22 June
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My name is Ryan. I'm [was] seventeen. Like how a humid stormy day feels like a lovers breath is all around you. I like sticking olives on my fingers before I eat them. I like how my chest looks like the ribs are going to cave after I finish a run. I like when I smile at a random child and they smile back. I like taking random walks at three in the morning. I like when people lick me. Mainly I like them to lick me on the side of the face or the neck. You can lick me on different parts of my face or anatomy by they are substandard.
1984, a clockwork orange, against me!, agent orange, ai, albert einstein, american mcgee, anti-flag, aristotle, arizona, art, arthur miller, astrology, autumn, ayn rand, babies, bane, bass guitar, black, black & white film, black and white, black flag, blood, bouncing souls, buddhism, burning, candles, celtic lore, chaos theory, children, chucks, coffee shops, concerts, converse chuck taylors, cutting, dalai lama, dead kennedys, depression, donnie darko, dreaming, dreams, duane peters, eastern philosophy, economic democracy, edger allen poe, eighteen visions, equilibrium, eyes, fire, friedrich nietzsche, friends, fruit, fugazi, geneology, glassjaw, graveyards, grey, guitar, halloween, hoods, hugs, iggy pop, imagery, immanuel kant, incense, indie music, indy media, jello biafra, jon stewart, joseph heller, karl marx, kevin smith, kids in the hall, knives, leftover crack, lightning, linguistics, literature, lost prophets, love, marxism, meteor showers, michael moore, movies, music, needles, night, night swimming, noam chomsky, orsen wells, over analyzing, pain, painting, panic, peace, philosophy, photography, pi, pie tasters, plays, poetry, poison the well, polymorphous perversity, procrastination, psychology, pulp fiction, punk, radiohead, rain, rainy days, razors, reagan youth, religions, requiem for a dream, romance, roses, sarah, scarification, scars, self-destruction, singularity, ska, skanking, skinny puppy, social distortion, socialism, socialist libertarianism, sociology, stanley kubrik, stiff little fingers, storms, suicide, suicide machines, the cramps, the cure, the exploding hearts, the hunns, the unseen, thoughts, thunder, thunderstorms, tight jeans, vampires, vegitarianism, velvet underground, walking, wings, words, wrists, writing